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On-line Chess Curriculum
  • Defined Learning Objectives
  • Thousands of chess problems and interactive exercises
  • Advances students at their own pace
  • Reports detail student performance
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    Chess4kids.com provides an easy way to receive dynamic and interactive chess instruction. There is no software to install and no CDs to manage. Just use your browser to tap into a comprehensive curriculum of chess instruction

    Students are able to progress through the curriculum at their own pace, receive immediate feedback on their performance and reinforce their learning through repetition. Students are shown their own progress and error counts as a way to encourage careful play

    Coaches can view detailed reports to monitor the progress of individual students or entire groups. Performance data that shows time taken and error counts can be used to identify problem areas.

    Problem of the Day
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    Black to Mate in Two

    Quote of the Day
    "Many chess games have been lost and won through hastily grabbing those innocent pawns."
    - Alfred Kreymborg

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